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Danilo Rojas is the pillar of Bolivian Music Improvisation (folk, jazz, rock, folklore) and consequently one of the foremost representative musicians from Latin America.

He is one of the greatest contributors to the innovation of Bolivian music and has become its international ambassador.

In 2014 Danilo was awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism from the Plurinational State of Bolivia with the National Award of Culture in the category "Nilo Soruco"  In 2009 he was recognised by the Honorable Congress of Bolivia (Representitive Camera of La Paz) for his “Contribution to Bolivian music nationally and internationally in an artistic career spanning 22 years.”

Danilo Rojas is the son of one of the greatest composers of the 20th century of Bolivian Music, the maestro Gilberto Rojas.

Danilo studied at the ‘Conservatorio Nacional de Música’ in Bolivia and the ‘Conservatoire Populaire de Musique’, School of Jazz in Geneva Switzerland.

He has recorded three albums including  "Jazz in Bolivia" interactive CD sponsored by the Arts and Culture Council of Bolivia , DVD/CD "Lunar" (ATB Red Nacional TV) and Reflections with Marcelo Peña.

Danilo has collaborated, recorded or performed live with musicians from all over the world including Bolivians; Alvaro Montengro, Octavia, LLegas, Ra beat, Atajo, Coral Nova, “El Papirri”, Gerardo Arias‐Zulma Yugar, Punto Nazca, Antonio Cuadros de Bejar, Carlos Ponce, David Portillo, Victor Hugo Mercado, Juan Pereira, Jose Maria Santalla, Jorge Villanueva, Donato Espinoza as well as Alessio Nebiolo (Italy), Anders Andersen (Denmark), Eryc Byrd Trio (USA), Christian Galvez (Chile),Felip Santandreu (Spain), Alejandro Cesarini (Spain, Thomas Rotter (Germany), Daniel Messina (Argentina), Diego Salvador (Peru), Orquesta Latinoamericana de Venezuela, Daiji Fujuda (Japon), Peter Keelan (Australia), Luis Salinas (Argentina) & ANAM (Australia)

Danilo’s professional career in Bolivia has also seen him with positions as the Director of Piano at the Conservatory of Music, giving masterclasses at the "Instituto Eduardo Laredo" and  "Escuela de Bellas Artes".  Danilo has also founded and directed various music schools and has extensive experience as a musical educator.

He was a Composer and Producer for Bolivia with Oscar Mario in the competition "Código Fama" ATB-TELEVISA (México).  He was the Director and Producer of  the Festival  Jazzbol Internacional as well as coproducer of the Latin American Jazz Network.

He has performed in concert and in Festivals in: Australia, Bolivia, Germany, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Peru, Chile, Spain and Columbia.